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The other day my friend Lori Marie of Myka cosmetics invited me to a fashion show and told me there would be free food and i was like super psyched and payed little attention to what type of fashion show it would be. Then my friend Patrick and I arrive and everyone is dressed in Black. Black Leather, Latex and lingerie, I was a little surprised but any way it ended up being fun. And they had pretty good lighting for a fashion show in Austin I didn’t event have to use my flash. Any way here are some pictures from that event.

To see more pictures http://s570.photobucket.com/albums/ss147/garzajon2/Elysium%20Fashion%20Show%20By%20Artstrada/


I love doing portraits and my friend Monica Williams called me the other day. She needed a headshot for a friend I agreed. Armando works for a creative agency. He ended up having a chicken, brightly colored lawn furniture and a very red wall which ended up helpin us have a pretty good portrait session.

To see more pics from this shoot http://s570.photobucket.com/albums/ss147/garzajon2/Armando/