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Heres the links to the pictures. It was great to see everyone this past weekend. This was my second photo booth ever, at the Well Aware party and it was very successful, thank you for everyone who participated. Young Mens Business League party who could have asked for a more beautiful day. Everyone was dressed to the T with searsucker suits, bowties and more. The Nside mixer on wednesday was a lot of fun to, I keep on seeing my friend and fellow blogger Ryan at all of these events only to find out that he’s an expert at poker check out his site. http://www.husng.com/ for info on poker and the lifestyle.

Nside Party Pictures


Well Aware AfriGnome Party

I think the next big events are charity bash. If anyone has questions about photographic services feel free to call and esquire about having a photographer or a photo booth at your next party or special event. Check out the updated website at http://www.garzajon.com and look at the other services available commercial portraits and more…