Hey guys thank you for everyone that comes out to all the events and enjoy the pictures.

The pictures from last weeks charity bash are on my facebook you can click at the link at the bottom of the page.

And the coolest thing that has been happening lately other than getting to meet all the wonderful Austinites I get to meet is seeing on facebook when people make your picture there profile picture I swear I had 20 people make my pictures there profile pic this week. Thats good word of mouth and it makes me feel great as a photographer you like to see your pictures everywhere. I think I’m moving towards 40 or 500 people using my pic for there ad or profile pic on FB not bad.

Tonight Im Shooting the Ronald Mcdonald House Charity Happy Hour at Paggi House (always so tasty and such good drinks) and a young lady I recently met happens to be performing there also Tyler Guthrie look her up add her as a friend and come see her perform. To see the pictures click HERE

My friend Kelly young is also having an event showcasing her newest jewelery check it out and RSVP HERE DECONSTRUCTED DESIGN

If you saw the last blog entry I was at the Well Aware Afrignome Launch Party and boy are they doing big things. They’ve partnered with my dad’s (Simon Garza) Rotary Club The South Austin Rotary Club and are raising money together. Check them out at http://www.wellawareworld.org/

Also exciting is next months BIG BASH for Charity Bash find out info at Charitybash.org

Jonathan Garza

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