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What a crazy week. Wednesday was a personal day I went to Crystal Castles at Stubbs. Pretty tight other than that the doors opened at 5 what a HOT afternoon. The next day photo shoot at GSD&M Idea City. Charity Bash at Aloft the same day. Friday there was YMBL and YWA’s Mad Men party, A great theme for a party it was at the UT Club which is pretty nice. Good food, people and drinks. Saturday was the Kickoff party for Austin Fashion at GSD&M I was only able to stop by for a second but it was pretty nice all the pretty people were there including the always beautiful Mandy Lauderdale. My friend Elaine recently got engaged so I photographed her engagement party at the 360 condos clubhouse and did a photo booth for them.
Then to top it off just when you thought it couldn’t get any better THE Ranch my old weekend home hired me back on to shoot a party that Absolut was having there. It was kind of funny every one was talking about how they would absolutely love another Absolut lots of bad puns were used Sunday evening. It was tight. Awesome DJ’s complimentary beverages made by Austin’s favorite bartenders. All of the party party people were there who goes out on Sunday night from 10pm-1am. The other cool thing is Absolut brought in this lady dj and violin duo it was tight. Then after my friend and I wondered over to Barcelona only to have the best dub step night in awhile it went till 3 I love how they keep the party going late.