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Party Party Party Yelp


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Well I’ve been going out a lot October November they have been rather successful in the going out area.  Charity bash BIG BASH was unbelievable last week.  The crowd was awesome.  The dates and there packages were to die for, everyone looked stunning.  And they raised around $90k in one night.  Congratulations to all the charities that will benefit.  A big thank you goes out  for all the hard work Jessica Gross Perez, Alex Winkelman and the Charity Bash team put forth into this years Big night.   If you haven’t been to a Charity Bash event make sure to make it to next years first bash in February.

Michelle Valles

Michelle Valles MC

Big Ben

Icenhaur’s opening    http://garzajon.smugmug.com/Other/Icenhauers/


read these great reviews of Icenhauer’s  http://www.yelp.com/biz/icenhauers-austin-2

Then to start off this week there was the YELP ELITE party at Maria Maria.  The theme was dias de los muertes, they had facepainters, live music, a fashion show, open bar and free food from Maria Maria.  I love all the yelpers they are always so much fun.  I had a photobooth there everybody loved it heres the link to the pictures and some are posted below.    http://garzajon.smugmug.com/Other/YELPDiaDeLosmuertesMaria/

Charity Bash Appreciation Party NYeve Plans


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Yo yo Check out all the pictures from Charity Bash they turned out awesome! What a way to end the year. Terrace 59 @ speakeasy was awesome great drinks mmm grey goose. Alex Wink and Jessica, Taylor, Donald, and all the bashers thanks for everything yall do. You can find the pictures HERE

For NEW Years I’m going to be Shooting Live at Seaholm its going to be a great party everybody is getting tables and bottles. The DJ’s should be sweet and its being lit by illios who always make everything look so prettty http://www.liveatseaholm.com/

Check it out my picture the one right here is used on the 2nd page of rare magazine

Rare Magazine ad for live at Seaholm

Live At Seaholm lighting by ilios

If you can’t make the Seaholm event my Friend Emily Anne Skinner a most dedicated Charity Bash volunteer will be throwing a party at the Copper Tank

Food provided the Apothecary Wine Bar & Cafe

Music by DJ Johnny Bravvo and the Aquadrummer
this should be a good time Johnny always knows how to get the crowd going and I’ve heard the food from <a
href=”http://www.yellowpages.com/info-29966900/Apothecary-Cafe-Wine-Bar”>Apothecary is awesome

as always for more austin event stuff check out da do512.com