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Multifamily and commercial real estate photography makes up a large proportion of our business and often times we can not even publicize the photos.  On this one we can though.  We just did some image updating for a large apartment client in Austin, TX.  It had a beautiful club house here are a few of the club house.  At Austin Real Estate Photography we work close with your team to make sure we show off your best amenities as well as recent improvements that make your property one of a kind.


Matterport of The Alt Gallery, Immersive 3d VR comes to the Art World.

SAMSUNG, AUSTIN, 360 VR TECHNOLOGY.   Matterport Technology and Austin Real Estate Photography bring The ALT Gallery into Virtual Reality.  With Matterport technology we now have the ability to transform, installation art, whole rooms, buildings into 3D VR.  With Samsung’s VR technology you can be fully immersed in the Art and experience that was shown this Saturday at the ALT Gallery at 301 Chicon Austin TX 78702.  The name of the show was Superluminal featuring art from Greg Pettit, Elliot Rogers, & Michael Garfield.  Take a look, and if you like some of the art may still be available at the time of reading, make sure to come to the next Art opening and contact the owners of The Alt Gallery at (512) 710-5858

Biggest Matterport we have Modeled yet.

Take a look!  At Austin Real Estate Photography we have just recently provided a long time client with their first Matterport Immersive 3D VR Tour.  It is a beautiful home coming to the hot West Austin Home market at over 1.4 million dollars.   The home has a unique open floor plan and is done by a prestigious Austin Architecture firm.  Photos and drone photos coming online soon!  We worked hard to provide this client with the top real estate marketing tools.

Real Estate in 3D Virtual Reality Matterport for Realtors

We’ve now had the Matterport machine for a little over a month now and have gotten to work on some unique Real Estate applications.  Newcastle homes has been a client for years now and is one of our first examples of a builder using it to market a spec home.  The home was beautifully staged and we had a very nice day to shoot.  Take a look at how the Matterport 3d Virtual Reality provides a truly immersive experience of the space.  Click play on the bottom left hand corner once it loads and it will provide you with a guided tour through the home.

Working with Real Estate Agents Photography longterm


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Sometimes as a real estate photographer, you wind up sharing a more lasting connection with a housing complex than you could’ve expected. I’ve recently found myself in this position with a residence in South Central Austin, just off Barton Springs Road and South Lamar Blvd. I have been working with one particular agent for over 4 years now, who sells 75% of her listings within this complex. At this point, I’ve photographed almost 2/3’s of the building’s units, some of them two or even three times. My most recent shoot was another one of these repeat cases.

I was asked to do a little pre-listing work for a upcoming unit, one that we’d shot before. The new owner had updated the place extensively though, so new photos were in order. After the agent and I made sure all the indoor renovations were captured, I photographed the pool and the building itself to give insight into the property and convey the clean, sleek look of the complex. Even though we’ve photographed the amenities many times throughout our previous sessions, the pool looked amazing this time of year, and the green landscaping was flourishing thanks to recent weeks of rain. The whole place gleamed with an exciting energy that I think shines through in the pictures below.

Invest in real estate photography, and your listing is guaranteed to look fresher than ever. Check out a few shots from the preview.bridges-3105

Matterport 3D is here Austin Real Estate 3D photography

Well I’ve been waiting for years for some technology to really change the photography game, specifically to Real Estate.  Well its here.   We now have 3D immersive technology, the Austin Real Estate market and its marketing won’t be the same.  With many people doing most of there searching online before going out in the real world. Virtual reality represents the best way to share a homes qualities. With tagging and explanation of details options the VR experience can be informative as well with you getting to explain highlights of the home. Book a Matterport 3D tour today. Starting at $225.00

Its Summertime two days after Summer Solstice some multi family apartment pool photos to cool you off Austin multi family apartment photographer


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Its Summertime two days after Summer Solstice and it is kind of grey and cloudy so heres some nice pool scenes.  Multi family apartment pool photos by Jonathan Garza Photography and Austin Real Estate PhotographyVilla-1810

Austin Multifamily Photographer, Photographs outdoor playscape at apartments in North Austin

Austin Multifamily Photographer, Photographs outdoor playscape at apartments in North Austin

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