Austin is becoming a center for modular and tiny home design. Here a client Kasita had me come out and scan their newest model I really loved the design. The clients did a great job of decorating with colorful accents. Lots of cool LED lighting placed well kept the light close to the illuminated, lowering the output required. All cool ideas for your home or next listing. Remember Keep the light close to what your lighting and you won’t need as much light. Light falls off at square root so if your 1/2 as far away you need 1/4 as much output. Darn physics and stuff, who would have thought you would need it. AustinRealEstatePhotography.com your home for custom and unique 3D immersive VR and custom Photo video solutions. Austin TX Home Photography, Real Estate photography, 3D Scanning, Matterport Texas.


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Falconhead home

Cute home in Falconhead AustinRealEstatePhotography photographed this week, listing photos, Matterport, Aerial real Estate Photography, Austin TX, Lakeway, Travis County.

It was a bright and sunny day but we kept cool, Blue skys, and wet driveways helped this cute Condo Home shine in the heat. Austin Real Estate photography can make listings shine from large to small from down town to Round Rock we want to work with your Agency.

Movers worst nightmare

Doing twilight photos for a Realtor client week we came upon this beautiful piano. Austin Real Estate Photography was happy to help this real estate agent market his listing with HDR, fully edited, twilight photo shoot images. Any time I see a beautiful instrument like this piano in a home for sale, I think of the beautiful music it can make or how heavy it can be to move. Book your shoot this week ad twilight for 80$ make your home glow in the dusk, marketing real estate photography by AustinRealEstatePhotography.com

We also wanted to hook it up with some knowledge, 2 hours of music that helps you work smarter. Thanks Mozart.


Video and Matterport for Large and unusual listing in Bastrop, TX


We at Austin Real Estate Photography had the great pleasure of working with a long time client Susan on a very unique listing in Bastrop, TX.   It is a LCRA meeting facility with a strangely shaped 11 Acre lot.  It has hotel room dorms, two meeting halls, one with specialty AV equipment, a historic two story home, log cabins and many other things that make it a unique opportunity for the right buyer.


We did Matterport of 6 different spaces on the property for historicity sake and for helping the future buyer understand the intricacies.   We have attached the 3D experience of the pre 1860 Home, it showcases the balcony, kitchen and unique style for history and for the future buyer.  Aerial Video really takes advantage of the short time you have to catch your buyers attention. 


Multifamily Imaging Specialists, Austin Real Estate Photography

Multifamily and commercial real estate photography makes up a large proportion of our business and often times we can not even publicize the photos.  On this one we can though.  We just did some image updating for a large apartment client in Austin, TX.  It had a beautiful club house here are a few of the club house.  At Austin Real Estate Photography we work close with your team to make sure we show off your best amenities as well as recent improvements that make your property one of a kind.

Matterport of The Alt Gallery, Immersive 3d VR comes to the Art World.

SAMSUNG, AUSTIN, 360 VR TECHNOLOGY.   Matterport Technology and Austin Real Estate Photography bring The ALT Gallery into Virtual Reality.  With Matterport technology we now have the ability to transform, installation art, whole rooms, buildings into 3D VR.  With Samsung’s VR technology you can be fully immersed in the Art and experience that was shown this Saturday at the ALT Gallery at 301 Chicon Austin TX 78702.  The name of the show was Superluminal featuring art from Greg Pettit, Elliot Rogers, & Michael Garfield.  Take a look, and if you like some of the art may still be available at the time of reading, make sure to come to the next Art opening and contact the owners of The Alt Gallery at (512) 710-5858